Albarino: Your Wine for About Anything Pulled from the Sea

MAY 17, 2017

Story: Michael Austin

21 marks the official start to summer. That means outdoor barbecues, patio dining and succulent seafood will be front and center for the season. Of course, you already know that because of Rias Baixas’ location on the gorgeous coast of Galicia, seafood is abundant throughout the region and Albariño is the signature white wine that pairs to perfection with every dish.


But it’s not just in Spain where this combination is a go-to for gourmet food and wine lovers – just ask Michael Austin of The Chicago Tribune. In his recent article, “Albarino: Your Wine for About Anything Pulled from the Sea,” Austin gives the varietal plenty of high praise: “It can be a pleasant aperitif and certainly can carry its weight through an entire seafood-themed repast. Worth every dollar.”

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Rías Baixas Buzz: Albariño Gets the Wine World Talking

As the summer season heads our way, there is plenty of buzz building around Albariño. Not only are travelers getting ready to visit Spain, but stateside, people are preparing to open up their beach houses, lake homes and backyards all across the country. The perfect pairing for these occasions is of course Albariño.

Albariño is ideal with a vast range of dishes – especially seasonal favorites such as seafood and grilled veggies. Its crisp, refreshing taste is a tantalizing example of Rias Baixas. Influences of the area’s unique coastal terroir are seamlessly captured and released straight to bottle, so consumers feel transported through every tasting.

But it’s not just a sensory feast for the palate that has people excited – the region itself remains a singular experience in its visual appeal. Affectionately known as Green Spain, Galicia (home to Albariño) is located in the nation’s northwest corner. It features a lush landscape punctuated by breathtaking hillsides complete with beautiful castles, vineyards and manor houses. This combination of natural, cultural and historic surroundings make for envy-worthy images and experiences. Don’t believe us? Then check out our latest flipbook highlighting some of the media’s most recent top articles on Albariño.

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PUNCH: Everything You Need to Know About Albariño

In Spain’s Rías Baixas region, crisp, mineral-driven albariño is king. Here, everything you need to know about Spain’s quintessential coastal white wine.

The Punch Staff knows all about the stylistic spectrum that Rías Baixas Albariño is capable of inhabiting, and in their latest article – “Everything You Need to Know About Albariño – they share with their readers several insights on this archetypal coastal wine. They also delve into the region’s four rivers, five sub-regions, traditional style and emerging expressive possibilities, which are being expanded upon by the regional producers.

“While its wines, fittingly, are most often drunk young and celebrated as a match for hyper-local, seafood-driven dishes, winemakers in this still-maturing DO are looking to broaden this stylistic spectrum,” notes the writer. They also contend that “Albariño, whether in single-varietal expressions or in blends, is especially versatile in this part of the world.”

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Snooth’s Journey to the Heart of Rías Baixas

MAY 18, 2017

For Snooth’s co-founder and chief taster, Mark Angelillo, “Rías Baixas is a bastion of white wines in a country dominated by reds.” On May 4, Mark Angelillo had the challenge (and the pleasure) of tasting ten wines from Rias Baixas in just sixty minutes and shared with us his journey to the heart of the Albariño region.

Angelillo was joined by Advanced Sommelier Jill Zimorski to guide through ten of the region’s premier selections. Several hundred wine writers and wine lovers participated in the virtual tasting and more than 2,500 people have already watched the video. Don’t miss these world-class white wines!

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PUNCH: A Food and Wine Crawl Through Spain’s Rías Baixas

Spain’s Rías Baixas has long been influenced by its proximity to the sea, and its wines are no exception. Here, a visual tour of the region, where tradition, and albariño, reign supreme.

MAY 11, 2017, by LIZZIE MUNRO

Among the first things you’ll notice in Rías Baixas, a small, winemaking region tucked inside Spain’s Galicia, are the clock-like rhythms of the water. On a recent morning in the coastal town of O Grove, the local estuary was so shallow and empty that its sandy soils, slick with moisture, were as reflective as glass. It’s hard to imagine that just hours before, that same bed had been at high tide, deep and capped by waves barreling in from the Atlantic.

Unlike much of Spain, which borders on the Mediterranean Sea, Rías Baixas (and all of Galicia, for that matter) is marked by a unique, maritime climate—a detail perhaps most evident in the local fishing villages. There, the ebbs of the ocean have provided something of an industrial lifeblood for centuries; even today, in the neighborhood of San Tomé, receding waters bring dozens of women (known as mariscadoras) out into the shoals each day to dig for shellfish by hand—just as they did generations ago.

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Albariño, the #1 Alternative to Chardonnay, According to Mark Oldman

Award-winning wine author Mark Oldman claims Albariño from DO Rías Baixas in Galicia, Spain is his favorite white wine!

Albariño combines bright aromas with natural minerality, crisp acidity & layers of complexity allowing them to pair with a range of cuisine. From Byblos in South Beach, Miami, Mark gives us an inside look into the versatility of the Albariño grape and explains why it is the #1 alternative to Chardonnay.


Albariño, the #1 Alternative to Chardonnay, According to Mark Oldman.


The Daily Meal says try Albarino instead of Chardonnay

Elaine and Scott Harris 

Leo Tolstoy opined “True life is lived when tiny changes occur.” Those changes can be as subtle as altering one’s everyday wine habit. Many people are quick to reach for that glass of go-to chardonnay as day turns into dusk, but how about trying something a little different in 2017? Get out of the wine rut and venture into the world of Spanish whites. You may be pleasantly surprised.

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Making a Case for Winter Whites

Anne Kniggendorf

Have you ever stopped to wonder why we gift boxes of melt-in-your-mouth pears wrapped in gold foil each holiday season? They’re a summer fruit, yet no one ever responds with an incredulous, “Hey, I don’t eat fruit in winter!”

The finest, simplest pleasures defy season. What do you want to drink with your pear once you peel back the foil? You’d never reach for a red; you want a glass of white wine. And you’re one lucky snowbird if you can fill a glass with an Albariño from Rías Baixas.


White wines don’t cease to exist when the majority of your friends blow the dust off their merlots and tempranillos that day in mid-November when they fluff their down jackets. Of course, they’re just thinking of comfort food pairings, like fatty red meats or rich pasta dishes.

But how winter leisure takes on new dimensions once a white graces the table, whether that be alongside your dish of caramelized pears or as a counterbalance to the local cheese platter you’re offering guests.

And heartier foods? It’s the crisp acidity and underlying minerality that makes pairing an Albariño with a holiday turkey or ham a given. Albariño is defined by its DO: Rías Baixas. Many wine lovers are tempted to call Albariño “summer in a bottle,” but that only goes as far as saying the same of your golden pear.

The name Rías Baixas BODEGA DE PAZO DE SAN MAURO O CONDADOmeans “lower rias” in Galician, a language spoken in Northwestern Spain where fjord-like estuaries forge through mineral-rich alluvial soil, mixing fresh and briny waters. One of the original Celtic tribes, the Galician people are fair-haired, blue-eyed, and their land is emerald green. It’s a cool, Atlantic clime and the growing season resembles the Loire Valley, New Zealand and the Rhine — regions as known for their white wines as Rías Baixas.

The play of the firelight through crystal filled with white wine, will warm you as much as any red ever might — it’s the warmth and excitement of a new experience, new love, and endless possibilities of the season. So get more out of your white wine in every season, and pour a glass of Rías Baixas Albariño.

Anne Kniggendorf is a Midwest-based writer who regularly contributes to the Kansas City Star. Her work has also appeared in the Smithsonian, the Saturday Evening Post, and several book review journals. 

Wine Survey Reveals

The truth about white wine – Rías Baixas gets a 99% approval rating!

VinePair sheds light on how we really feel about white wines. Are they just for warm weather or do we drink them year-round? What do we like most about white wines? And with so many great whites to choose from which wines stand apart from the pack? 1,000 wine-savvy VinePair readers ranging in age from millennials to boomers participated in a survey commissioned by DO Rías Baixas.

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 6.50.10 PM

  • We drink white wines all year – and it turns out we drink quite a lot of them. So what if it’s cold outside! 79% of readers drink white wine year-round, and multiple times monthly.
  • What we like about white wines. An overwhelming 85% of VinePair respondents reported that white wine is “refreshing and easy to drink.” 59% cited that “white wine pairs well with food,” while half of those surveyed noted that they “love drinking it on its own,” and that “it doesn’t taste heavy.”
  • We’re willing to spend for the right bottle of white wine. Given the strong preferences expressed for white wines, it’s not surprising that readers will spend a little extra. 85% of those surveyed spend at least $10-$15 per bottle, with 26% spending up to $15-$20 on average.
  • We’re “worldly” and adventurous in our choices. Sauvignon Blanc was the top choice for readers in ranking their favorite white grape variety, but Pinot Grigio, Riesling, Albariño, Viognier, Chardonnay and Chenin Blanc were all comparably ranked.
  • A white wine from Spain can get a 99% approval rating! Over two-thirds of those polled had tried Albariño from Rías Baixas, and of that number 95% “loved it” (40%) or “liked it” (55%). Overall, 99% of readers “approved” of Albariño from Rías Baixas, ranking it high in popularity with other world-class whites.

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