Sin Palabras
Winery: Castrobrey
Vintage: 2014
Winemaker: Adegas Castrobrey
Type of Wine: White
Bottles Produced: 16,000
Region: DO Rías Baixas - Ribera de Ulla
Composition: 100% Albariño
SRP: $13
Wine Description

The special selection of SIN PALABRAS Castro Valdes was launched to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the winery. During the harvest, grapes are carefully selected from old vines situated in the high area of the land, with low depth and a granite base. The production of the hectares selected for Albariño SIN PALABRAS has been reduced to less quantity than the allowed by the D.O. Rías Baixas, allowing for highly concentrated grapes. The wine is aged in stainless steel and bottled late which allows it to age well and maintain the taste of the region’s characteristic blend.

Tasting Notes

Appearance: Straw yellow and clean.

Nose: Fine and intense in the nose, with hints of white fruit (apricot and peach) and a nice herb note.

Palate: Silky with a well-integrated acidity and long lingering finish.  

Optimal Serving Temperature: 10 °F
Pairing(s): chicken
Vineyard Size: 3
Soil Composition: granitic, clay
Training Method: The system of conveyance of the vineyards is vine training, what is called “Etruscan viticulture”. A precise care over the vineyards is made, by means of the traditional methods. Both the pruning and the tying of the vines are made with “Bimbios” (typical long Galician rod taken from a plant). As this is a vegetal element, the vine will not be damaged. The rests of the sticks, the grape pulp and the compost taken from the cleaning of our forests are used as fertilizers. The harvest is made by hand, processing the grape in the next 8 hours after the harvest
Elevation: 100 meters
Harvest Date: 03/10/2014
Winemaking & Aging
Fermentation: stainless steel tank
Analytical Data
Acidity (g/l): 0.4
Dry Extract (g/l): 27.4