Serra da Estrela
Winery: Adegas Valmiñor
Vintage: 2015
Winemaker: Cristina Mantilla
Type of Wine: White
Bottles Produced: 100
Region: DO Rías Baixas - Rosal
Composition: 100 % Albariño
SRP: $15.99
Wine Description

Serra da Estrela is produced from a careful selection of Albariño grapes. The grapes are then de-stemmed and cold macerated for 6 to 8 hours. The juice is then pressed and fermented in a stainless steel under an automatic temperature control. 

To stabilize the wine is filtered through a tangential filter and bottling process. 

The wine rests in the bottle for at least 30 days before distribution.

Tasting Notes

Straw yellow wine with green reflections and steely shades of great transparency. 

On the nose, hints of apricot, pear and ripe exotic fruits complemented by a lemon-lime vibrancy, all perfectly blended together with its subtle flowery scent. 

On the palate, there are vegetable notes and a fresh acidity complete with a persistent finish.

A wise craftsmanship and care in the vineyard have produced a surprisingly intense wine, with a strong aromatic richness. 

Optimal Serving Temperature: 12 °F
Pairing(s): stewed vegetables
Vineyard Size: 17 hectares
Soil Composition: Soil based on metamorphic schist rather than the typical granite of the area, and is planted on natural slopes
Training Method: Trained on the wires
Elevation: 130 meters
Exposure: Total sun/year: 2450 Solar irradiation (average/Year): 12,2, humidity:75%, wind speed: 6,6 m/s , total rainfall: 560mm
Harvest Date: 14/09/2013
Winemaking & Aging
Fermentation: Alcoholic fermenation 16ºC / 15 days
Maceration Technique:: Cold maceration
Length of Maceration: 8 hours
Malolactic Fermentation: no
Ageing (sur Lie): no
Analytical Data
Alcohol: 12 %
pH Level: 3.5
Residual Sugar (g/l): 1.6
Acidity (g/l): 5.9
Dry Extract (g/l): 22.2