Denomination of Origin (DO) Rías Baixas is renowned for the Albariño grape, an indigenous variety that produces some of the world’s foremost white wines. Located in the Galicia region of northwestern Spain, the DO was formally established in 1988. Albariño has always been the flagship of this coastal region. In Rías Baixas’ unique climate, Albariño shares the same mineral-rich soils and cool climate as the world’s other renowned white wine-producing regions, including France’s Loire Valley, New Zealand, and the Rhine region of Germany.


The history of DO Rías Baixas dates back to 1980, when an official denomination was created specifically for the Albariño grape variety…(read more).

Our Terroir

Galicia bears a stronger resemblance to the green fields and rocky coasts of Ireland than classic images of drier, Castilian plains. Often referred to as Green Spain…(read more)

All About Albariño

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Mapping the Region

According to local legend, the Rías Baixas are the traces left by the fingers of God’s hand, when after creation he rested for a moment in…(read more)