One of the many things friends and fans are sharing during social distancing is the wines and the foods they are indulging in from their homes. We decided to share some of our favorite pairings for your ultimate Rías Baixas snacking sessions.


Marqués de Frías

Vibrant, fresh, and full of citrus flavors? The bracing acidity on a youthful wine such as Marqués de Frías makes it ideal for pairing with cheese-based snacks. Whether it’s frozen mini pizzas, nachos, or the more civilized light cheese & crackers, young Albariños hit the spot for savoring all flavors.








Sensum Laxas

Sparkling Albariño wines, such as Sensum Laxas, help uplift spirits with a burst of bubbles and aromas. The honeyed nose and biscuit notes make for a great pairing with buttered popcorn, fried chicken, and even shortbread cookies.









Santiago Ruiz

Albariño blends often combines Rias Baixas’ signature varietal with other different percentages of native grapes such as Loureiro, Godello, Trexadura, and Caiño Blanco. Santiago Ruiz from O Rosal is one example. With a fuller-body profile that’s packs a powerful fruity punch, try an Albariño blend with some cream-based roasted veggies or oily fish favorites like anchovies.








Paco & Lola

Aged Albariños, like the Paco & Lola 2010, are easily one of the most surprising wines Rias Baixas wine lovers discover from the region. Herbs, spices, and hints of candied fruits are just some of the notes you may find in these wines, so feel free to pair them up with heavy cheeses and your favorite fruit tarts.