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Bodegas Chaves S.L. is a family business with a great wine tradition background since that it was founded more than half a century ago, specifically in 1955, by José Chaves.

The Chaves family was actively present in the creation of the recognized D.O. Rías Baixas, being this way the second winery in order of inscription and also was the first to elaborate the prestigious albariños of the Salnés Valley, as is evidenced by its Diploma to the First Albariño Grower in Cambados, village that was recently named European City of Wine 2017.

The winery produces their albariño from its own vineyards, which helps the sanitary control of the grapes and respects the environment. Its aim is: 'listen to the land and only act when it’s necessary', and that's why they have reduced to the maximum the application of biocide or plant protection products and they count with the first vineyards of ecological cultivation of the area.

Its vineyards are located in a privileged place between the villages of Cambados, Ribadumia and Meis, in the province of Pontevedra, very little above the sea level and the parent rock granite. These orographic characteristics give its wines a complex structure, mineral and with an extraordinary aromatic range. They are called wines of 'atlantic freshness' because of their freshness and the influence of sea breezes throughout its production process.

Castel de Fornos is the name of the first vineyard and first wine of the winery. Castel is a designation comparable to Grand Cru, an ideal place for the vine growing, that the Chaves family have in the place of Fornos, the place where the whole family saga was born. 



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