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Winemaking has been part of the Piñeiro Cores family for many generations. The family first undertook a dramatic reorganization of their vineyards in their grandparents' generation, who united fragmented small plots of land. This enabled them to reduce costs by uprooting many hybrid vines and replacing them with the Albariño variety. This way, slowly, and with thought to every step of their journey, the Piñeiro Cores family opened their small, family-run business – Adegas Gran Vinum – in 2002.The vineyards are situated in two main areas, on hillsides overlooking the river Umia and the Ría de Arousa. They are cultivated in the same way as they have been for generations, fertilized with clam and cockle shells. Later, they are pruned and cared for on a regular basis. The conduction system of the vineyard follows the Galician tradition of using long stones, raised like goal posts to elevate the vine off the ground and counter the extremes of high rainfall.The winery has 8 acres of estate vineyards, and supplements production with grapes bought from local growers, bound by quality assurance and vineyard management contracts regulated by the winery's technical department. Harvest takes place after an exhaustive control of each plot, and careful analysis of ripening based on strict parameters.



Viñagrande 84B San Miguel de Deiro


Vilanova de Arousa



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