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Bodegas la Caña is a boutique winery focused exclusively on quality, terroir and varietal expression. Its mission is to obtain the finest essence of the grape variety Albariño and the unique soil found in the winery´s vineyards. Jorge Ordoñez founded Bodegas La Caña in 2008, after spending many years promoting and launching the Albariño variety in the United States, while being the first to ever export it out of Spain. Bodegas La Caña stands out for its craftsmanship of native varieties from very old vines, which produce lower yields, but of a higher quality in all respects.

La Caña's vineyards are located in the village of Sisan Ribadumia, north of DO Rías Baixas, in the Valley of Salnús, close to the Atlantic Ocean. The grapes from La Caña come from 40 different single vineyards that total 62 acres in Sisan Ribadumia, with some plots as small as one fifth of an acre. These small plots allow a thorough quality control. All vines were planted before 1990 in the traditional "pergola” system, resulting in less-productive but higher quality vines than those planted later. The date of the plantings range from 1970, 1978, 1980, and 1984, which results in lower yields and higher concentration in the clusters (2.4 tons per acre for La Caña Navia and 3.6 tons per acre for La Caña).

The particular location for La Caña's vineyards benefits from the moderating climactic influences of the Gulf Stream in the Atlantic despite the fact these vineyards are on the same latitude as Massachusetts in USA, a cold zone. The poor vineyard soils, located less than 1.8 miles from the Atlantic, are mainly made up of sand from decomposed granite and are strongly acidic due to their proximity to the ocean. These unique features allow Bodegas La Caña to create singular, highly expressive wines.

During the maturation period, sugar and acid levels are controlled to determine the best harvest date. Grapes are hand-harvested at peak ripeness in 33 pound perforated plastic boxes.

Bodegas La Caña is a part of Grupo Jorge Ordoñez, which is a curated selection of Spanish boutique wineries producing some of the most prestigious and award-winning wines internationally in 13 different Denominations of Origin, and includes a team of some of the most world renowned enologists for every type of wine. The result is wines infused with Spanish spirit and terroir, yet firmly in line with modern taste sensibilities.



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