On June 10th more than 100 people tuned into a live webinar on Rías Baixas with the Guild of Sommeliers. Master Sommelier, Dave Yoshida, led the webinar with special guests Vicky Mareque, Director of Pazo Señorans and Katia Alvarez, Winemaker for Martín Códax, two of the region’s top producers. More than 800 people have already viewed the webinar! And we appreciate all the wonderful feedback.



“I was very impressed with the depth and expertise of Mr. Yoshida,” wrote one live participant. “I consider myself fairly informed about Rías Baixas and Albariño, but I still found much to learn during this webinar.”
“That was fascinating!” commented another live webinar viewer. “I especially loved learning about the different expressions of Albariño in the different subzones.”


Dave kicked us off with an intriguing summary of the history of Galicia and background on how wine production began in the region. After setting the context, he dug into key topic areas, including the effect of the unique Atlantic coastal climate on the wines, a review of the five sub-regions and their individual microclimates, and the evolution of the region’s winemaking styles. Vicky and Katia provided in-depth, up-to-date insights and engaging discussion on recent viticultural and vinicultural trends for Albariño wines in Rías Baixas.
We want to thank everyone at GuildSomm for putting this webinar together and to Dave Yoshida who is one of our biggest fans. “The Albariño wines from Rías Baixas show consistent quality, high value, and wide appeal among wine professionals and consumers,” said Dave. “I am excited by the evolution we are seeing in the range of wines coming from the region today and it was a pleasure to share them with our viewers.”