Pablo Garcia Cebeiro (Pazo de Galegos)

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The Pazo de Galegos vineyards are located near the town of San Pedro de Vilanova in the Valle del Ulla sub-zone at 738 feet of elevation. Valle del Ulla is the northernmost and driest of the five sub-zones in Rías Baixas. Our soils are sandy, which results in good water drainage and heat retention, while also offsetting humidity, which can contribute to vine disease. The low nutrients and low vigor of the soil limits vegetative growth and keeps yields naturally low, resulting in more concentrated aromas and flavors. The area’s climate has an average temperature from April to October of 58ºF, among the lowest average temperatures in Spain, with 42.6 inches of annual rainfall. Prime sunshine happens during the morning hours, when the most important part of the photosynthesis is taking place. Valle del Ulla has one of the lowest recorded levels of precipitation in the Rías Baixas region. We work in collaboration with the Galician regional government to monitor the moisture in our soils, the atmosphere, sunshine and the temperatures on a daily basis. This allows us to reduce the use of treatments and pesticides to a minimum level.



Galegos, 6


San Pedro, Vedra


La Coruña

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