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Pazo Pondal winery naturally blends into the impressive landscape of Arbo, Condado do Tea. The outdoor areas inspire and delight visitors, who are able to enjoy the exceptional views of our vineyards.

Currently, we are the second generation in a family tradition dedicated to the cultivation of our beloved Albariño. After many years of hard work, we saw our dreams come true in 2006 with the inauguration of the Pazo Pondal winery, built on the Pondal plot from which it gets its name.

We have inherited the passion, devotion and love of the vineyards from our ancestors, and are increasingly dedicated to viticulture that is responsible and respectful of the environment.

Since Olivia Hernandez joined our winery, Pazo Pondal has taken a total change in direction and has begun to envision a different future for the vineyard…

Due to her youth, sensitivity and love of wine, she strives to produce more personal wines, for the first time taking into account all the various environmental factors in their creation to produce wines that are the ultimate expression of their terroir.

She has brought together a like-minded team who has close involvement in the development of the winery, and a commitment to 100% responsible viticulture in order to make all of her projects, which include various styles of wines, a reality.

Apart from creating more personal wines she focuses much of her work on the regeneration of soils and reviving the ancestral practices of our grandparents.

Our mission with these soils is to minimise erosion due to area’s high rainfall and the sloping land, and to achieve mineral balance in the soils and fertility making the plants naturally healthy and avoiding dependency on chemicals/biocides.

At Pazo Pondal, we wish to play our part in preserving the environment. We are therefore proactively committed to its protection and sustainability.

Working closely with experts in the field, we started the conversion process in 2015, enhancing and controlling our own organic matter. Organic growing is our pledge to sustainable development.

Our goal is to ensure that there is minimal risk of the wine’s aromatic and organoleptic properties being altered through exposure of the grapes to certain chemical products. We are seeking to obtain organic grapes in a sustainable and balanced manner, preserving the fertility of the soil and respecting the biodiversity of the environment. Everyone working for us and with us strives to achieve this sustainability objective.



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