Find the Way to Rías Baixas Wines at Spain’s Great Match NYC


Rías Baixas Wines is excited to once again be participating in Spain’s Great Match New York, 2019. This 26th edition of the annual event is organized by Food and Wines from Spain, ICEX Spain trade and Investment, and it will take place in the new Spanish Mercado Little Spain, located at 10 Hudson Yards. The all-day event, celebrated on Tuesday October 1st, will host the largest Spanish cultural celebration for wine novices and connoisseurs alike where they will discover a range of exceptional wines and food.

Rias Baixas Wines will be hosting a seminar led by Master Sommelier Michael Meagher. In the afternoon. Nine regional wines will be showcased along with an introduction to the region, its winemaking techniques and more. This is a great opportunity for session attendees to experience the diversity and the evolution of Rias Baixas Albariño wines.

During the Grand Tasting, Rias Baixas Wines will also feature 11 wines of varying styles. They will be enjoyed with the famous Spanish tapas provided as a part of the event. Mercado Little Spain, from José Andres and the Adriá Brothers, was created as an all-day destination for the very best of Spanish food, drink, and culture—which makes it the ideal spot for Spain’s Great Match.