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Charleston Wine and Food Festival – March 2-6

With the world thawing out and beginning to open up again, we think it’s time to celebrate with a glass of Albariño! Join us March 2-6, 2022 as we kick off Spring at the Charleston Wine and Food Festival. Look for the Rías Baixas tent where we’ll be sampling 12 spectacular Albariños from Rías Baixas. We hope to see you there!

International Women’s Day – March 8

Rosie the Riveter has long been a visual image of a strong woman in a man’s world, but we’re thinking she should be joined by the women winemakers of Rías Baixas. As a coastal area, men have historically been away at sea for months, leaving women to tend the vines and creating a tradition of women winemakers.

Fast forward to today and approximately half of the winemakers in Rías Baixas are women. To celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8th, learn more about some of the Grand Dames making wine–and waves–in Rías Baixas: Pazo de Señorans’ Marisol Bueno, Katia Álvarez of Martín Codax, Cristina Mantilla of Palacio de Fefiñanes, and Angela Martin of Castro Martin.  

woman winemaker of Rias Baixas
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We all love to share wine with friends, and Vinino is one of our favorite platforms to do so! With more than 14 million wines, Vinino is the world’s largest wine retailer and community. And what makes it so robust? Your engagement. And it looks like you’re talking about Albariño!

Sales of Albariño from Rías Baixas on Vivino have grown more than 50% in the past six months alone. See what others are sipping and leave a review of your favorite Albariño to help others find their next favorite wine!

Warm Up With Caldo Gallego and Cool Albariño

While Galicia may have mild winters compared to some, there’s still nothing better than a steaming bowl of Caldo Gallego in the mid-winter months. This hearty white bean, greens, and potato soup is studded with ham hocks and finished with pork belly and chorizo, making for rich and soothing stew. Pair it with a glass of crisp Albariño and it will transport you to the shores of the North Atlantic. Check out this fail-safe recipe from La Tienda

Caldo Gallego

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