During a recent event at Legacy Records in New York City, Rías Baixas wines brought together top sommeliers, retailers and a few select media to attend a seminar tasting led by Michael Meagher MS and Yannick Benjamin. The event was focused on introducing attendees to the evolution of wine styles being produced in the region today. Since Michael and Yannick had recently traveled to Rías Baixas, they were able to share personal experiences about its rich culture and insights into both the traditional and modern winemaking taking place there. The session was a great way for attendees to receive first-hand accounts and knowledge about everything the region has to offer.

The tasting was followed by a lunch that included oysters, Tuscan Fried Chicken, Rosemary and Fennel pollen —all dishes that paired well with the wines presented. Attendees also had the opportunity during this time to taste additional wines producers provided, including some regional reds. You can find all of the wines featured here, along with corresponding tasting notes.

During the event, the attendees learned about and tasted through a wide range of wine styles side-by-side. Many of the attendees revealed that they had never been exposed to such a diverse range of Albariño from Rías Baixas. Some of the hot-button topics prompting discussion included where a sommelier will place these wines on their list (either by the glass or by the bottle), and for sommeliers and retailers alike, fresh strategies on how to sell them to their clientele. There was a great appreciation for the versatility of the grape and also an interest in learning more about the traditional white blends and the reds coming from the region.