• Rías Baixas Rí – as- Bai – xas



  • Condado do Tea Con- da – do – do – tea

Galician for “The County of Tea”, named after the river Tea, a tributary of the Miño River. Located in a fairly mountainous area along the Miño, this is the second largest sub-region. 


  • O -Rosal O – ro – sal

Also Galician, this translates to “the rose”. Lying along the Miño River where it joins the Atlantic Ocean, this sub-region forms the border with Portugal.



  • Ribeira do Ulla Ri – bei -ra – do – u – lla

Galician for Ulla Riverbank, it is the newest Rías Baixas sub-region, this area was registered in 2000 and envelops the Ulla River.



  • Soutomaior Sou-to-ma-ior

Nestled in the hills at the head of the Rías de Vigo, it is the smallest of the sub-regions



  • Val do Salnés Val – do – sal – nés

Val do Salnés, or Salnes Valley, is known as the birthplace of the Albariño grape.