Speaking Rías Baixas

Two main languages are commonly used in Rías Baixas, Spanish and Galician. While many of our residents speak Spanish, when you visit you will see that many of signs and names of places are in Galician – our region’s name Rías Baixas, is in Galician.

In this section we have pronunciation guides for select Galician and Spanish words that are representative of our region, let’s speak Rías Baixas!

Rías Baixas

Rí – as- Bai – xas

 Condado do Tea

Con- da – do – do – tea

Galician for “The County of Tea”, named after the river Tea, a tributary of the Miño River. Located in a fairly mountainous area along the Miño, this is the second largest sub-region.

O -Rosal

O – ro – sal

Also Galician, this translates to “the rose”. Lying along the Miño River where it joins the Atlantic Ocean, this sub-region forms the border with Portugal.

Ribeira do Ulla

Ri – bei -ra – do – u – lla

Galician for Ulla Riverbank, it is the newest Rías Baixas sub-region, this area was registered in 2000 and envelops the Ulla River.



Nestled in the hills at the head of the Rías de Vigo, it is the smallest of the sub-regions

Val do Salnés

Val – do – sal – nés

Val do Salnés, or Salnes Valley, is known as the birthplace of the Albariño grape.