Bodegas Fillaboa is an impressive and historic estate that only produces 100% Albariño wines of limited production and small production. Fillaboa, which means “good daughter” in Galician, is the largest estate in the Pontevedra property registry and one of the oldest in Galicia.

Bodegas Fillaboa has 54 hectares (approximately 133 acres) of vineyards that are planted on undulating slopes, a long road on the edge of the Té and Miño rivers, a natural border with Portugal. The farm is divided into 11 different vineyard blocks, which create unique and personalized wines. The richness of the vineyard soil, the proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, the rainy climate and milder are the characteristics of Fillaboa, a really special place for the cultivation of Albariño. of World class.

In 2000, the Masaveu family acquired the Fillaboa estate, one of the oldest in Galicia, the commitment to convert it into a quality reference not only in Rías Baixas, but throughout Spain. This ambitious project is still being carried out to this day under the direction of José Masaveu, which is part of the “new generation” of the Masaveu Family. José Masaveu is truly dedicated to unique products of excellence.

Bodegas Fillaboa is one of the only wineries in Rías Baixas that produces its wines with 100% state-owned fruits. The winery is part of the “Grandes Pagos de España”, or “Great Estates de España”, the esteemed Wine Association that PROMOTES the Culture of Own Harvest Wines. The driver of these exceptional properties are the Spaniards who really respect their land and their vineyards, and who are committed to offering only the best of their vineyards.

The Fillaboa farm is one of the oldest in Galicia and, thanks to its natural heritage, the winery strives to preserve its integrated agriculture through collaboration with a program called “Environmental Practices”, led by the local government of Galicia. The Environmental Practices seek an environmentally friendly viticulture among all the member wineries of the Rías Baixas.