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Immerse Yourself in the Fiesta de Albariño: Celebrating the Essence of Rías Baixas

Mark your calendar for the annual Fiesta de Albariño taking place August 2-6. It’s a weeklong celebration in Cambados, the heart of the Rías Baixas wine region and home to the exceptional white wine, Albariño. If you’re lucky enough to make the trip to Cambados, the Fiesta de Albariño celebrates the vibrant sights, sounds, and flavors of Galicia’s most famous grape variety.

The packed program is a feast for the senses and includes four days of tastings, culinary excellence, dancing, and music that starts early and ends late. The sounds of Celtic bagpipes recall the ancient traditions of the area while local rock n’ roll and roving street bands capture a modern vibe. The area’s proud winemakers and chefs serve up the latest wine and food pairings, sourced from the freshest ingredients available from the green hills and open seas of this celebrated gourmet destination. 

Can’t make it to Cambados? Wine enthusiasts around the world celebrate Albariño Day every summer on August 1 by opening a bottle of the refreshing, world-renowned white wine and savoring its uniquely Atlantic flavors that are sure to help to beat the August heat. Follow us at @RiasBaixasWines to learn more about this festival and click here to find your perfect Albariño.