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The Marquús de Vizhoja is a historic estate based in "La Moreira," a 16th century manor house that stands guard over Albariño, Treixadura and Loureira vines from its crenelated towers. The vines date back hundreds of years and are laid out in rows among ancient hardwood trees resulting in a landscape of rare beauty. La Moreira is an ideal site, blessed with many hours of sun. The estate is in Cequeliños, in the Spanish municipality of Arbo (Pontevedra), on the border with Portugal and the right bank of the Miño River. This part of the river is considered excellent for the production of the Albariño grape, due to its special micro-climate, which protects it from frosts, wind and extreme temperatures. In this prime environment the not-too-damp sandy loam soil and mild climate allow the grape to easily reach a perfect degree of ripeness, that together with the extreme care taken at each stage of the production process results in wines of an excellent quality. The story does not end in the production of each bottle from Marquús de Vizhoja , but continues on the palate of the people who enjoy the aroma, freshness and tradition that are poured into every glass of our wine.



Finca la Moreira


Cequeliños - Arbo



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