In Spain’s Rías Baixas region, crisp, mineral-driven albariño is king. Here, everything you need to know about Spain’s quintessential coastal white wine.

The Punch Staff knows all about the stylistic spectrum that Rías Baixas Albariño is capable of inhabiting, and in their latest article – “Everything You Need to Know About Albariño – they share with their readers several insights on this archetypal coastal wine. They also delve into the region’s four rivers, five sub-regions, traditional style and emerging expressive possibilities, which are being expanded upon by the regional producers.

“While its wines, fittingly, are most often drunk young and celebrated as a match for hyper-local, seafood-driven dishes, winemakers in this still-maturing DO are looking to broaden this stylistic spectrum,” notes the writer. They also contend that “Albariño, whether in single-varietal expressions or in blends, is especially versatile in this part of the world.”

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