As the summer season heads our way, there is plenty of buzz building around Albariño. Not only are travelers getting ready to visit Spain, but stateside, people are preparing to open up their beach houses, lake homes and backyards all across the country. The perfect pairing for these occasions is of course Albariño.

Albariño is ideal with a vast range of dishes – especially seasonal favorites such as seafood and grilled veggies. Its crisp, refreshing taste is a tantalizing example of Rias Baixas. Influences of the area’s unique coastal terroir are seamlessly captured and released straight to bottle, so consumers feel transported through every tasting.

But it’s not just a sensory feast for the palate that has people excited – the region itself remains a singular experience in its visual appeal. Affectionately known as Green Spain, Galicia (home to Albariño) is located in the nation’s northwest corner. It features a lush landscape punctuated by breathtaking hillsides complete with beautiful castles, vineyards and manor houses. This combination of natural, cultural and historic surroundings make for envy-worthy images and experiences. Don’t believe us? Then check out our latest flipbook highlighting some of the media’s most recent top articles on Albariño.

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