Winter is here, and while many white wines tend to be consumed less at this time of year, Albariño from Rías Baixas is the white wine for all seasons! The many styles of our Albariño make it ideal to enjoy all year long. Look for our wines with more lees aging, oak treatment, or bottle aging for added complexity and a fuller mouth feel. We have the perfect Winter white wines with versatility to please any palate.
Here is what you will find in our Winter Newsletter…
  • A recap of our Los Angeles Pop-up Albariño experience
  • A preview of our 2020 activities
  • Insights on Albariño from some of our top female winemakers
  • A decadent regional dessert recipe
  • Social media highlights and the latest coverage from our media friends

Pop-Up Albariño Heads to LA
It may be winter in some parts of the world, but we are warm and toasty having just returned from sunny Los Angeles! On February 19, Rías Baíxas wines were presented at a party hosted by Angeleno Magazine at the new Cantina Frida restaurant. This event marked the start of our 2020 Pop-Up Albariño experience. Read on for the highlights.





Rías Baíxas 2020 Preview
Now that spring will be in our sights soon, here’s a preview of what’s to come for Rías Baixas this year. We’ll be on the move across the U.S., and we’ll also be reporting in from the region itself. Read on for more details. 






Women Winemakers of Rías Baixas
Rías Baixas is a region celebrated, not only for its exceptional wines, but also for its top-notch winemakers – many of whom are women. Not only does Rías Baixas have about 50% female winemakers, women are involved in all aspects of the industry. In honor of International Women’s Day on March 8, we asked four industry leaders in the region for their insights on what makes Albariño so special. Read more.





Tarta de Santiago Recipe
If you want to try your hand at making a local desert from Galicia here at home, the Tarta de Santiago is an enticing option. This almond cake originally hails from Portomarín, a little village in Lugo, but it has gained popularity throughout the region. Read on for the recipe, courtesy of Cocina Abierta.



From Spain’s Great Match to SommCon, our friends and followers have been sipping and sharing the very best of Albariño from Rías Baixas all winter long! We have chosen some of their awesome Instagram posts to highlight. Follow us @RiasBaixasWines on Instagram+ Twitter + Facebook to get more insights from the region, the wineries, and upcoming events – and tag us for a chance to be featured in the next social media spotlight! Read more.








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